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The practices of shiatsu and therapeutic yoga have evolved from Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, the oldest continuously practiced and recorded healing traditions in the world.  In modern times, these practices unite traditional wisdom with current scientific knowledge to offer practical, accessible tools for optimizing your health.

Both shiatsu and therapeutic yoga recognize and celebrate the intricate connections between body, mind and spirit.  By working to bring balance and harmony across these layers of our being, they support our innate healing processes and can be a natural, holistic addition to your healthcare.

 Whether you are living with a serious health condition or chronic pain, feeling stressed and exhausted, would like support navigating transitions or creating change in your life, or are looking for a boost to your overall health, mental focus and well-being; services at Embodied Therapeutics are customized and adapted for your needs.

Embodied Therapeutics is a small, independently owned wellness space dedicated to helping you live more fully and vibrantly.  The studio is located in Shorewood, WI and easily accessible to the Milwaukee metro area.  Yoga and/or shiatsu may also be brought to your location.

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