If you cancel/reschedule with less than 24 hours notice for any reason or do not show up for your appointment, you will be responsible for paying the full session fee.  24 hours is the minimum, but please give as much notice as possible. 

I highly encourage you to keep your scheduled appointment if at all possible.  Scheduling and following through with self-care in any form is a sacred commitment to your well-being.  Other commitments in our lives can pull us in many different directions, but prioritizing care for ourselves can give us the continued resources to give to others in the ways that life often demands.  

Please also keep in mind that when you schedule an appointment with me, a block of time is reserved especially for you, my time and energy has been planned around that session, and I am counting on the income from that session.  For a tiny, independent business run by a solo practitioner, cancellations and frequent rescheduling, even with 24 hours notice, can make it extremely difficult to stay in business.  

After an appointment has been rescheduled once, it cannot be rescheduled again without payment.  If you cancel or do not show up for the rescheduled appointment time, you will need to pay for the missed session if it wasn’t prepaid. If you repeatedly reschedule appointments (even with 24 hours notice), I may require prepayment and nonreschedulable appointments to continue reserving future times for you.

what if i am running late for my appointment?

Please plan to arrive a little early to allow time for parking, changing clothes and/or using the restroom.  Two single restrooms are located at the end of the main hallway, and there are additional restrooms on each floor of the building.  The studio waiting area will be open at least 10 minutes before your scheduled session time.  (If you do arrive early and the inner door to Embodied Therapeutics is closed, please have a seat and wait quietly in the waiting area, as that means I am still preparing for your session and I will come out to greet you soon.  If you are a bit early but the inner door to Embodied Therapeutics is open, please feel free to come in and we can start your session).  

Please email, call or text to notify me as soon as possible if you will be late for your session (click here to return to contact info).  If I do not hear from you by 15 minutes past your scheduled session time, I will assume that you are not coming for your appointment, and the session will be considered cancelled. If the session was not prepaid, you will need to pay for the missed session and prepay for your next session, before your next session.

If you arrive late, the full session fee will still be charged, and we will do what we can in the remaining time.  I understand that life happens, and as a courtesy will be flexible with occasionally adjusting/extending the appointment time if possible, but please note that extending the session time might not be possible, out of respect for my time and other clients who may have scheduled sessions after yours.


Read more about shiatsu and therapeutic yoga by clicking here.

what are some of the differences between shiatsu and massage?

  • Shiatsu is a specialized modality of Chinese Medicine treatment performed by a Certified Practitioner of Asian Bodywork through the AOBTA (American Organization for Bodywork Therapies of Asia). In addition to Western anatomy and physiology, AOBTA Certified Practitioners must complete extended training in Chinese Medicine theory and assessment, specific Asian Bodywork techniques, and supervised clinical practice. Many certified Asian Bodywork practitioners are also licensed massage therapists (as I am), but AOBTA certification represents a separate, in-depth body of knowledge and training in Chinese Medicine and Asian Bodywork.

  • Massage primarily addresses the muscles and connective tissues. In addition to affecting the muscles and connective tissue, shiatsu treats the acupoint and meridian system, providing similar benefits as acupuncture (but using focused touch instead of needles). Shiatsu is a holistic treatment assessing your condition according to Chinese Medicine theory and looks at the harmony of all systems of the body, as well as connections between the functioning of the physical body, thoughts and emotions.

  • Massage usually involves removing clothing, lying on a massage table with a sheet draped over you, and using oils or lotions with gliding and kneading motions directly on the skin. Shiatsu is received fully-clothed on a soft floor mat, or on an elevated treatment table. Lotions and oils are typically not used for Shiatsu. Shiatsu provides a unique sensation of varying levels of pressure along the body and also may incorporate gentle passive stretching and movement of your joints, gentle rocking motion, guided breathwork and visualization.

  • Although the amount of "pressure" can range from very light to deeper, shiatsu is generally much more gentle than a deep tissue massage. Shiatsu recipients often report feeling even a light touch very deeply within their body due to the quality of highly trained, focused touch and the connections of the physical and energetic pathways in the body. Clients also often report a newfound awareness of their body and its connections when receiving shiatsu. Shiatsu is never forceful, and although certain spots may feel tender, it should not be painful. With shiatsu, your body is sensitively supported in catalyzing its own healing process.

  • The style of shiatsu that I practice combines both 'pathogenic' and 'anti-pathogenic' approaches. A pathogenic approach focuses on what you perceive as going 'wrong' in your body and/or your life. Beyond trying to 'fix problems,' the anti-pathogenic approach focuses on supporting what is already functioning well, enhancing your optimal functioning so that your body can direct its resources to rebalancing and healing from within.

how often should i schedule shiatsu or therapeutic yoga sessions?

My goal as a practitioner is to help you in feeling better as quickly and efficiently as possible, and most clients notice a difference in how they feel after even a single session.  Although a single session of shiatsu or therapeutic yoga can be powerful in and of itself, the benefits of these healing practices tend to be cumulative.  Just as most issues we are dealing with have built up over long periods of time, it can take time for them to resolve.  Some issues may not be fully 'resolvable’, but how you relate to living with these conditions and how you feel in your body, your energy, your mood, your mind and your spirit, can often be greatly improved through shiatsu and/or yoga.

When starting a course of therapeutic treatment with specific goals, after the initial session, a series of at least 6 weekly sessions is highly recommended initially to get the best response (discounts are available on prepaid packages of sessions for those wishing to schedule weekly appointments, see below for pricing and package details).  Some clients with chronic health conditions or chronic pain, or those generally seeking extra support, choose to come twice weekly. 

The effects of shiatsu and therapeutic yoga for general stress relief, energy replenishment and wellness maintenance are also enhanced by regular sessions.  Some people schedule sessions weekly in the long term to optimize their health and well-being and keep them focused on their goals.   Others come for sessions every-other week, once a month, or even once at the beginning of each new season for a 'tune-up.'  Some people have compared these healing practices to taking a medication regularly, changing the oil in your car, or even to 'taking out the trash': in the long term, these can be regular maintenance practices that can help support you in functioning more optimally and living more vibrantly.

how much do sessions cost?

Current Pricing


Your session rate depends on the length of session you choose, whether you are a new or returning client, and for returning clients, the frequency of sessions that you choose and whether you would like to commit to a package of sessions. Please see the table below for current pricing.


If you are happy with the services received, in lieu of tipping, please consider referring a friend to Embodied Therapeutics and writing a review on Facebook.  As a tiny, independent business, your referrals and reviews are very important and greatly appreciated!


Sessions at Your Location

Pricing above is for sessions at 4465 N Oakland Avenue.  Yoga and/or shiatsu may also be available off-site at your home or other location; please get in touch to discuss availability, travel fee and details.

Read on below for more information about pricing...




More info about pricing:


Shiatsu and private therapeutic yoga sessions are an investment in your health and happiness.  I understand that these services can be a significant monetary investment.  You will find my rates for shiatsu and private therapeutic yoga sessions to be competitive.  If comparing prices, please also consider that other practitioners may depend on tips in addition to the session fee.  Embodied Therapeutics includes all costs in the session fee so that tipping is not necessary.


While pricing for these services may seem expensive if you are unfamiliar with bodywork and/or private therapeutic yoga, please consider the commitment of lengthy and expensive training and experience that goes into being highly trained in these fields, as well as the costs of operating (including rent, utilities, credit card processing fees, extra self-employment taxes beyond regular income tax, permits, equipment and supplies, website, advertising, etc.)  Please also consider that independent practitioners have no guaranteed income, no paid vacation days, and no other employer-sponsored benefits such as group health insurance or retirement fund contributions.  In addition to the focused, quality time your practitioner spends face-to-face with you, many more unpaid hours are spent planning and preparing for your visits; running and marketing the business; and continuing to study and train to meet continuing education requirements and bring you the best possible services.  I have dedicated myself to the continued deep study and practice of these healing modalities, in addition to committing to running all aspects of the business myself in order to keep pricing as low as possible.  This work is extremely time and energy-intensive and truly a continuous labor of love. Although at first glance from the outside, the pricing may make it appear like bodywork and yoga professionals are making a lot of money, the reality is usually far different once you consider all of the expenses, time, energy and dedication involved.


I believe that the most important aspect to take into account when considering the financial investment of shiatsu or private yoga sessions is your experience during the sessions and how you feel afterwards.  I am highly committed to ‘showing up’ consistently for my clients to support your well-being. When you make an appointment, I am committing my time and energy to you: I block off the time on my schedule and you can count on me to be there, prepared for your session on time, with my full focus and attention. At Embodied Therapeutics, you will be welcomed as an honored guest, treated with the utmost respect and listened to with compassion.  In an environment of safety and peace, you will receive the profoundly healing benefits of focused attention, skillful human touch and/or thoughtful movement and mediation guidance.  You can ask questions or give feedback at any time to adjust your sessions to your goals and preferences.  Every unique life is honored at Embodied Therapeutics, all services are customized to your needs, and your ongoing well-being is the priority.  My goal is to create the experience that I wish all health care could be, yet is increasingly rare in our society. The practices of shiatsu and therapeutic yoga can truly be life-changing, and I am honored to help you on your journey and offer my skills and specialized, advanced training in shiatsu, therapeutic yoga, treating chronic conditions, supporting life transformation, and creating sessions that are customized for you, to provide you with the highest quality of service. 

how do packages work?


*See pricing above for current rates. The current package option is for 6 sessions to use within 90 days of the first package of the session, This is a great option for those who want to come weekly or every other week.


When setting up a package of sessions, all of the sessions will be scheduled up front to ensure availability. This discount is offered in exchange for planning in advance. If your schedule is frequently unpredictable, please choose the single session option instead. Please check your calendar for any potential scheduling conflicts before scheduling your sessions, and please plan to keep your scheduled sessions a priority.

A minimum of 24 hours notice is required to reschedule an appointment for any reason. While I do understand that life happens, if you cannot attend your appointment and are unable to give the minimum 24 hours notice, I ask that you still honor your commitment to paying for the time you reserved, as I have blocked off that time just for you so that no one else can schedule during that time, and I have planned my time and energy around that session. 24 hours is the minimum notice, but in order to give me a better chance to try to fill that appointment time if you are not going to use it, and for the best chance of availability for rescheduling your session, please request any reschedules with as much notice as possible. Please note that if you frequently reschedule appointments, even with 24 hours notice, you may not be eligible for package discounts in the future.

After an appointment has been rescheduled once, it cannot be rescheduled again.  If you cannot make it to the rescheduled time, the session will be deducted from your package.

Late arrival & no-show policy: If you are going to be late for your session, please let me know as soon as possible. If you arrive late, the full session fee will still apply and we will do what we can in the remaining session time. If I do not hear from you by 15 minutes past your scheduled session time, I will assume that you are not coming for your appointment, and the session will be considered cancelled and deducted from your package.

Packages are prepaid and nonrefundable.  All 6 sessions must be completed within a maximum time of 90 days from the first session of the package to qualify for the discounted rate.  If you do not use your package sessions within the time frame for any reason, the sessions you did use will be counted at the current full price session rate, and you may apply any remaining balance towards future sessions.  If this happens, it will be considered on a case by case basis whether you will be eligible for future package discounts.




The following situations are eligible for sharing package sessions (please get in touch to discuss details if you are interested in any of the following):

*If you would like to gift a single session from your package to someone else, you can give a session from your package and request a gift card with envelope or email gift certificate to give to the recipient-- this discount on gift certificates is a special ‘thank-you’ for helping to introduce others to Embodied Therapeutics.  Because your sessions are planned and set up especially for your needs, gifting a session from your package needs to be done with advance notice. The recipient of the gift session must get in touch prior to the session, to confirm their appointment and to fill out their intake information so that I can plan for their session.

*Bulk gift certificate purchases:  You can also receive a package discount on bulk purchases of single-session gift certificates to be used by different recipients (for example, if you would like to give holiday gifts to friends/family, or if you are an employer who would like to gift sessions to your employees).

session payment policy:

Payments for single sessions are due at time of service, or are accepted online in advance for your convenience.  If you repeatedly reschedule appointments, I may require prepayment for non-reschedulable appointments to continue reserving future times for you.

In-person payments are accepted via credit/debit card, cash or check.  There will be a fee for bounced checks.  For any credit card processing, I use highly reputable and secure methods to process your payment. Credit/debit card payments in person are processed securely via Square or Stripe credit card processing.  Secure online payment via credit/debit card is accepted through Acuity Scheduling/Stripe credit card processing.

ALL COSTS ARE INCLUDED IN THE SESSION FEE, TIPPING IS NOT NECESSARY!  If you are happy with the services received, in lieu of tipping, please consider referring a friend to Embodied Therapeutics and writing a review on Facebook.  As a tiny, independent business, your referrals and reviews are very important and greatly appreciated!