(view from the studio window)

(view from the studio window)

About Embodied Therapeutics


Embodied Therapeutics is a healing space dedicated to igniting your potential to live more fully and vibrantly through shiatsu and therapeutic yoga.  Some synonyms for the verb 'embody' are: to manifest, to express and to realize.  Our bodies are our vehicles for living our lives, and through our bodies we manifest, we express and we realize our potential and our true nature.

One of the goals of Embodied Therapeutics is to provide a sanctuary from the chaos of life, where you will receive focused, individualized attention in a compassionate, nonjudgmental environment.  All sessions are adaptable and tailored to your unique needs.  Questions are welcome before, during and after your session.   Everything you need is provided; just show up with stretchy, comfortable clothes and an open mind.  All are welcome and there is no experience or prior knowledge of yoga or shiatsu necessary to access these practical tools to help you achieve your goals, whether you are looking for stress relief or help dealing with chronic pain or other health conditions (read more about who can benefit HERE). 

Embodied Therapeutics is proud to be a small, independently-owned business in Shorewood, WI, easily accessible to the greater Milwaukee area.



Meet Kate


My name is Kate Hubbard, and I am the founder/practitioner/do-er of all tasks great and small at Embodied Therapeutics. 

I grew up in Milwaukee and have also lived in Madison, WI; Austin, TX; New York City; and Kansas City.  Along the way, I have found opportunities to practice yoga, receive bodywork and study these healing modalities in a variety of settings with amazing teachers.  I have sought out highly regarded training from experts in these fields, and I keep building my knowledge with specialized continuing education.  I have been practicing yoga for 20+ years, have been a certified yoga teacher for over a decade, and have been studying and practicing shiatsu for over 5 years.  (You can read more details about my training and continued studies below.)  With Embodied Therapeutics, my goal is to bring you the highest quality and integrity of transformative yoga and bodywork.

Embodied Therapeutics was inspired by my own journey to find healing modalities that worked for me (you can read more about my story by clicking here).  I have utilized yoga and shiatsu to help me through PTSD, grief, depression, physical injury, chronic pain and more.  I do this work because I believe in it.  I have experienced its effects firsthand and witnessed it in others. 

I love hearing people's stories and honoring their unique paths in life.  My career started out in Social Work, and I bring the philosophy of empowerment and compassionate, nonjudgmental support to my current work as a yoga and shiatsu practitioner.  Whether you are seeking relaxation and stress relief or help managing chronic health issues, whether you have never received a bodywork session before and never imagined you could do yoga, or are experienced with both and looking for something unique, I look forward to meeting you and supporting you on your journey. 

I believe that you can create the transformation you seek in your life.  The first step is to get in touch:



  • Certified Advanced Teacher of Therapeutic Yoga: Integrative Yoga Therapy

  • Postgraduate Clinical Shiatsu Studies Program Graduate: ZenKi Lotus Institute/Michael DeAgro

  • Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist: WI #13532-146

  • Certified Practitioner of Asian Bodywork: American Organization for Bodywork Therapies of Asia (AOBTA)

  • Professional Asian Bodywork Program Graduate (Shiatsu/Chinese Medicine): Zen Shiatsu Chicago

  • Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher: Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health

  • BA Social Welfare: University of Wisconsin-Madison

specialized studies & continuing education:

  • Opening Yoga to Everyone: Adaptive Yoga Training (Matthew Sanford/Mind Body Solutions)

  • Treating Trauma With Chinese Medicine (Lonny Jarrett)

  • Shiatsu for Pregnancy (Jeanne Phenany)

  • Healing the Joints (Lindy Ferrigno)

  • Thai Head & Neck Massage (Lotus Palm Montreal)

  • Life Force Yoga Practitioner Training for Depression & Anxiety (Amy Weintraub)

  • Shiatsu for Problem Areas (Randy Cummins & Steve Rogne)

  • Essentials of Craniosacral Therapy (Rich Sol)

  • Stress Relief Through Relaxation Techniques, Guided Imagery & Meditation (Julie Lusk)

  • SuperHealth Kundalini Yoga for Addictive Behavior & Habit Changing (Mukta Kaur Khalsa)

  • Yoga Postural Assessment & Assisting Skills (Priti Robyn Ross)